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  • Discuss how you can improve your profits and cashflow  
  • The importance of benchmarking your business
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The Business Health check gives you an overall view of your hotel's financial health.


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We have a team of experts in the hospitality industry with over 25yrs experience.


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Recommendations on transforming your hotels financial performance.


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About Us

We’re leading accountants and advisers to the Australian hotel industry. Our partners have been specialising purely in hospitality businesses for more than 25 years. We know the industry inside out and we take the time to get to know you and your business.

Jason Butler - hospitality partner

Jason Butler


Jason Butler is an expert in efficiency reviews and quarterly management reporting for hotel owners.

He works with businesses right up and down the east coast of New South Wales, particularly in Sydney and on the Central Coast.

Jason has specialised as a strategic adviser to hotel businesses for almost 20 years. Many of his clients own multiple venues, some more than ten, and they rely heavily on his industry acumen.

Jason admits he loves providing insights that pack a punch. All the more so if you, the owner, are time poor but desperately want peace of mind.

Derrick Eube - hospitality partner

Derrick Eube


Derrick Eube is a hotel industry expert and a trusted adviser to some of the best performing venues in metropolitan and regional New South Wales.

Derrick is emphatic that DFK’s commitment to benchmarking against industry trends and best-practice is a key reason for that client success and trust.

Clients rely on Derrick’s inside-out industry knowledge and his commitment to keeping them absolutely up-to-date on what’s happening in the hotel industry and how that impacts their business.

Derrick has more than 25 years expertise as a management accountant and strategic adviser to the hospitality industry

Ask yourself...

  • Is your business performing efficiently?
  • How does your hotel trade compared to your peers?
  • Do you have procedures and processes in place?
  • Are you struggling with cash flow?
  • Is your business plan up to date?
  • Is your business in its best financial position for sale?

Check your hotel's financial health

Giving you peace of mind that your business is performing at its best.